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Here are some samples of my new work (some have been sold), and below those are sketches or paintings I had stashed away from 1991 or earlier. -- Dean

Prints are now available online at... (Coming soon!)

"Skiddink" in Watercolour, 9x11" July 2016 (Still drying behind tape in this photo)


"Stone Bridge" in Watercolour, 9x11" June 2016


"Ballerina" ...this 9x11" Watercolour sold before I even took off the tape. May 2016


"5 Hands" pencil on board, December 2015


"Oblivious Tree Frog" pencil crayon on textured paper, 14x19.5" January 2016


"Greatest Smile" pencil on paper, 18x24" September 2015


"Wise and Kind" pencil on paper, 18x24" September 2015


"Tree" Japanese style brush painting on paper, 22.5x25" September 2015


"Cow Selfie" pencil on paper, 18x24" September 2015


The Prize is Peaceful - 9"X12" Acrylic on Canvas
The prize is not the apple.


Work from 1999 or older...



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