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ISBN: 978-0-9812459-1-1

Family and friends can’t see the Queen, but they are worried as they watch Jasmine drift even further out of reach.

...And closer to the Queen. (Fiction)

Available on June 3, 2017

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ISBN: 978-0-9812459-2-8

A one-act play in with a Waiting-for-Godot style delivery. An elderly couple find their lives narrowing as quickly as their driveway during a harsh winter. (Fiction)

Available on June 3, 2017

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ISBN: 978-0-9812459-0-4

Katrina and the Frenchman is a haunting, harrowing first-person account of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, seen from the perspective of two tourists trapped in a city gripped by terror, and coming apart at the seams... (Non-fiction)

As featured in Maclean's EXTREME WEATHER Edition, Nov 6, 2012

I love this book. It’s a riveting story, intimately told with skill, deep humility, startling honesty, and the kind of stark photographic recall most people only achieve when they find themselves suddenly slapped within an inch of their lives by death. Which is, of course, precisely what happened; and that profound revelation is delivered intact throughout the course of this beautiful, powerful work.”
-- John Skipp, bestselling author of Jake’s Wake and The Light At The End

Now available on Kindle AND Kobo

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ISBN: 1-59224-104-2

Take a ride over the Niagara Falls, through the rapids, or around the whirlpool to discover outlandish stories with frightening outcomes... (Non-fiction)

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Pain Machine


ISBN: 1-59224-104-2

When she was ten years old, Veronica Laka disobeyed her father, and talked back when she knew she shouldn’t have. Her punishment came slowly in the form of the "Taps." As her father holds a nail under her fingernail, he taps it with a hammer just hard enough to draw blood, slowly, one finger at a time… (Fiction)

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Short Stories...


A flash fiction story published online at Horror Garage, 2013.

HORROR GARAGE combines the best in original dark fiction with the finest in horrific rock n' roll.



"Dance at My Funeral"

Magazine of Bizarro Fiction #4, December 2010

The premier magazine of the bizarro genre. Issue four is a special werewolves and shapeshifters issue guest-edited by New York Times bestselling author John Skipp.

Buy it on Amazon.

"One of my favorite stories of this installment is "Dance at my Funeral" by Marcy Italiano. This is a touching piece about a funeral that really lets you say goodbye." -- Amazon reviewer


"I Bought"

Anthology - TERRIBLE BEAUTY, FEARFUL SYMMETRY from DarkHart Press, 2010, now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

"Beauty can seduce you. Beauty can deceive you. Beauty can also be cruel, otherworldly and downright deadly. Explore the fearful symmetry of beauty's dark side with the genre's most-terrifying storytellers."


"They All Shrugged"

Chapbook Anthology - Jack Haringa Must Die!: Twenty-Eight Original Tales of Madness, Terror and Strictly Grammatical Murder, edited by Nicholas Kaufmann, published in 2008 by Merricat Publications.

All proceeds from this anthology benefit the Shirley Jackson Awards. Now OUT OF PRINT.

Review by Martel Sardina at Dark Scribe Magazine

Reckless Abandon Cover

"Beneath the 3"

The anthology RECKLESS ABANDON (editors David Sparks and Bob Strauss). Catalyst Press, August 2002.
Cover art by Mike Bohatch
Available at:

"Cat Got Your Tongue, Devil Got Your Feet"
It's those little moments that make all the difference... This fun little tale was at the HorrorFind website from September to December 2001.
This pissed-off trucker story appeared in August 2001 at 1000 Delights.
Waxing and Waning cover

"Witch's Gift"

In the Toronto area there was a magazine called Waxing & Waning, this story appeared in Issue #7 which was on sale in the spring of 2001. (Sold out.)

"I Never Meant To Be..."
My first novelette at 1000Delights. It originally appeared from June to August of 2001.


"Pay Close Attention"
Reprinted in Chizine, May 2005.

"The Fist"
"Pay Close Attention"
"The Disease"
Were in the online magazine Pantarbe, Vol. 3 No. 5&6.



QUEEN OF THE COUNTRY by dgk goldberg

March 7, 2008
(No longer available.)

Article: Canada and U.S. Share Scary Niagara Region... at
Article: Napping vs. Swat Team at
(No longer available.)

Interviews, talks, and more...

I delivered a talk at Ignite Waterloo called, "Pretty Terrible." Watch it here and look for me at the 1:41:44 mark. Be aware, they ask you to make an account.

Guest blog post for Dan Dillard on Monday, August 22, 2011: Introducing Horror to Your Kids by Marcy Italiano

A mention worth mentioning: On Working With Excellent Women (Cuz why the hell wouldn’t you?) by John Skipp at Bizarro Central.





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