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Official release date June 3, 2017

Jasmine faces more tragic events than the average teen. Her overworked mother, Bev, doesn’t see her enough, and visiting her dad, “Slip”, often makes things worse. Even Jasmine’s deepening relationship with her boyfriend Jason can’t lift her spirits enough, and depression seeps in.

The Queen relishes the descent into misery, and she wants Jasmine. The Queen hunts the lonely and dejected, pulling victims into her Kingdom. Her bony hand is invisible while covering Jasmine’s mouth, the stench of her world's black sludge and the eerie sound of her voice, only penetrates the minds of her loyal subjects.

Family and friends can’t see the Queen, but they are worried as they watch Jasmine drift even further out of reach.

...And closer to the Queen.

Printed novel:


ISBN: 978-0-9812459-1-1

Edited by Shikhar Dixit

Cover art by Mary Madewell


Reviews/Comments: coming soon...

Artistic Renditions: I would like to invite you to send in your artistic interpretation of The Queen, and with your permission I will feature it right here on this site! Come back soon too see how others portrayed this monster.




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